Freshly Squeezed Colour

citrussplashRise and shine! Revitalise and add definition to your decor with a magnificent mix of homewares depicted in freshly squeezed splashes of striking orange. Turn up the heat with burnt ambers and rich ochre hues or stimulate the senses with tantalising tangerine tones.

Create a flamboyant focal point in any space by adding an orange statement piece in the form of a chic accent chair, quilt cover or upholstered bedhead. Add character to a neutral sofa with pumpkin-coloured cushions and throws – don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns for a fun, unique edge.

For more bright ideas on how to enhance your home decor with bursts of brilliant colour, browse our Just Add A Pop of Colour look book.

orangegalleryClockwise from top left: ‘Samara’ Cushion, ‘Springfield’ Pendant, ‘Sway’ Hanging Light, ‘Vashti’ Velvet Cushion, ‘Zone’ 30cm Wall Clock, ‘Oink’ Money Box

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